The launch of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion website was a long time coming. To truly enrich campus diversity and inclusion, as outlined in the university strategic plan, it requires total campus engagement with the help of smart coordination and strategic communication. Our vision was to create a tool that moves us from all talk about progress in diversity to tangible actions. Of course, there was no better way to accomplish and demonstrate this than online.

Whenever you visit, remind yourself that it’s not just another quick site visit. To get the most out of this website, view it as a valuable resource or guide that allows you to put just as much into it as you take out. As an active website user, you too are contributing to total campus engagement for Inclusive Excellence at the U of A.

Here are four ways to make this website work for you:

1. Find answers
The primary goal of this website is to be a hub of information — a one-stop shop for all things DIVERSITY happening on the U of A campus and beyond the hill. Think of us as a connector to a large network of experts, campus leaders, recruiters, program specialists, mentors and more who are highly invested in creating a culture and climate of diversity and inclusion.

And let’s face it, the mere mention of the words DIVERSITY, EQUITY or INCLUSION can introduce some big, complex, sensitive topics that are tough to handle alone. Use us as a resource to find official university policies, statements and stances. Come for validation on information or get the resources you need to make your academic career here a smooth success. Find a key diversity contact person in your field or program of study. Link to some training you need to facilitate a healthy discussion or build better relationships with those around you.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us — our office is equipped to get you the answers you need on diversity and inclusion matters at the university.

2. Get connected
Universities are amazing places filled with landmarks and buildings carrying cultural significance, and people to engage with from all different types of backgrounds, including those with varied intellectual perspectives. Our greatest advice to you? Lend yourself to the journey. Venture outside your comfort zone, and step into a new world every now and then. There’s no shame in being respectfully curious. We also believe members of the Razorback community have the right to feel like they truly belong. Our Get Involved section can light your way!

There’s a calendar filled with curated, diversity-based events to attend and a custom-made registered student organization list that lets you peruse groups to join based on cultural or spiritual affinity. We’ve even developed an interactive map that grants an overview of state-wide diversity outreach projects, student success stories and special programming taking place beyond the hill.

3. Learn something new
As an institute of higher learning, this should go without saying. We don’t take our standing as the state’s flagship university for granted. Consider it our top priority to be a key point of reference — a model even — for Inclusive Excellence and diversity training for the rest of the state.

Access to essential information in the diversity and inclusion arena should be at our fingertips. It’s our job to make it accessible and useful to as many people as possible, including those beyond our walls. With the continued growth of our university Diversity Library Guide, the launch of the new Institute for Diversity and Inclusion, and the development of IDEALS, there can be something new to learn every day.

4. Share
But enough about us and what we’re doing, what about you? This total campus engagement thing doesn’t work as well if all hands aren’t on deck. We want to hear all of the amazing stories and achievements for Inclusive Excellence happening in your own department, for your colleagues, with your peers, in your classrooms, in the field — beyond the hill and more!

To submit a cultural or diversity-based event for our calendar, please complete our special event form. To send us a lead for a great feature, profile or spotlight on someone doing great work in diversity or who has benefited from diversity and inclusion programming at the U of A, email us at